narrative minimalism in ceramics   The unique contribution of ceramics to Minimalist art is demonstrated by Israeli ceramics artworks Although Minimalism as an art movement prevailed for a brief period of time in the Sixties, it had a great influence on the art world. Forty years later Minimalism continues to appear in new forms in various media, including […]

Robert Morris

Box with the Sound of its own Making Robert Morris constructed Box with the Sound of Its Own Making in January 1961 in New York City. The box consists of six pieces of nutwood that were joined to form an enclosed cube. The noises of carpentry that were produced during the some three hours of work with hammer […]

Goethe Altar of Good Fortune

Good Luck Stone The ‘Good Luck Stone’, or ‘Altar of Agathe Tyche’, is the name of the monument that at the beginning of the year 1777, Goethe had erected in the meadows along the River Ilm outside Weimar. Its shape was rather simple: a sphere on top of a massive stone cube. The monument still […]