sourcing of materials

granite – paving slab bought as was, bought online copper sheet – pre cut to size, bought online solid wood – donation from a friend hahnemule paper – print room margaret street tracing paper – already had in my studio wire mesh – came in one pre cut sheet, bought online old pages – from an […]


i need to decide what it is i am trying to state with my practical work, i’m clear on where the research is going, but still finding it hard to summarise the practice.  the cubes are continuing, and whilst i am not quite hitting my personal target of one a day, i’m still hopeful i […]

tutorial part 2 – 11.02.14

and now for a completely different angle – following on from earlier tutorial we returned to the idea of instruction. instructions can vary from open ended almost vague, less prescriptive, free to interpretation to cumbersome, overcomplicated, generally confusing entities. could instructions become more vague as you go along – is this an element to focus […]

tutorial part 1 – 11.02.14

first tutorial of the day results in the following points – “how to” session – how do people respond – if pursuing the how to book idea it needs scaffolding behind it (e.g. reading & bibliography) – consider haptics (refer back to session attended with the clayground collective) – look at the teaching and learning […]


well it’s safe to say that i have been incredibly stuck as to what to go with, see through, play with, take a chance on. the ideas are either great but physically impossible at this time, or ok but can easily be put into reality.  i’d love to play with the space within a room […]