deconstruction and reconstruction of a cube

for deconstruction and reconstruction of the ‘cube’ you will need two people. you may be super strong but it’s the cube that needs support. deconstruction:- each person inserts fingers into corner holes on lid. when ready lift the top off together and place flat on the floor out of the way. with a person standing […]

AP2 paper model maquette

  after in depth consideration, flitting back from one to the other, the design above is what will be put into action as I believe once the design is translated into wood their would be too much weight on the front corners when the doors are being opened. therefore the best way to place the […]

AP2 critical evaluation

Practicalities OSB Board I decided to work with a different wood for a variety of reasons, but the main one being the textural quality of OSB Board. It is quite a common building material nowadays especially in areas that are exposed. I discounted MDF as it has a poor core strength and so probably wouldn’t […]

AP2 artist statement

So where do you start, when you truly have a blank canvas? You revert to the old favourites, the familiar, the reassuring. I began to manipulate as many different materials as possible, trying to find the sweet spot, where those rigid ones are still malleable, but the delicate ones are robust, working in the simple […]

but why a cube

But why a cube? A blank canvas my studio gives me, a fresh start. So how can I encapsulate it, give it to others, this feeling that makes every nerve in my body flutter and contract? Why else do I feel it, what am I looking at when I feel it – aRT of course, […]

a tentative link

today my first kiln left my studio to go to it’s new home. i quickly took some photos to remember it’s smallness, and how i ‘acquired’ it thanks to the help of my dear friend Bob, who died four days ago. as i looked at it properly, rather than functionally, i realised how maybe it’s […]