AP2 life lies

by making the dream a reality, you will feel fulfilled by doing something you love, you will become happy by telling a story, you will become interesting by looking through the window, you will see the view by looking at old photos, you will remember the moment you will have more than one brilliant idea […]

group crit

comments made by the group from observation of my work: all different cubes in all different environments materiality glass cube = curious groups is variety? glass changes/cpatures a view copper on plinth more limited than copper in flowers jospeh beuys – narrative thru material glass cube – going on tour, to places important to me […]


i have been avoiding the blog with intention after getting what i consider to be an awful mark. i still finding it hard to accept and move on, but my hand is being forced in that i have the group seminar next week, then the following two weeks are my research. the research is to […]