difficult beginnings part 4

today i have been struck by how i have no idea how to integrate my crafts practice and the possible art avenue i seem to be heading down; and whether, really, i shouldn’t aim to try. whilst there are lots of fledgling ideas floating around in my head, will i do myself or my idea […]

difficult beginnings part 3

for the last day of the course we were asked to review an exhibition based on an adverb based on our artefacts that represent our work. my object has become part of the group; almost taking on it’s own personality; from it’s starring role on the first day; to seemingly integrating into everyone’s psyche – […]

difficult beginnings part 2

is to blog to be at risk of being taken away to the nut house? do i dare say what i’m truely thinking? about how i feel like there is someone behind me pushing me, heels dug into the ground, along this path, that could be the best or the worst outcome for my art […]

difficult beginnings part 1

 25 July 12 hmmm where to start; is it necessary to explain? this week i started my artist teacher scheme stage 1, and already, 3 days in, it has become an emotional rollercoaster, that I feel needs capturing at the beginning, otherwise I will quickly forget these feelings. i had begun this journey months ago […]