difficult beginnings part 4

today i have been struck by how i have no idea how to integrate my crafts practice and the possible art avenue i seem to be heading down; and whether, really, i shouldn’t aim to try.

whilst there are lots of fledgling ideas floating around in my head, will i do myself or my idea justice if i try to go and paint or make a film, neither of which are methods i have used before.

and why not work with the materials and methods you know best – but is that then limiting your ability to coherently express your idea?

should an idea be expressed in the most appropriate format even if there is little quality in the actual work? (who decides which is the appropriate format anyway)

why am i bothered with the format of my work all of a sudden?

this strikes me as a bit of a runaway train.

anyhow, the ideas are progressing without any apparent direction, i’m just recording, recording, recording, not sure if i should be bringing in outside influences like other exhibitions or works i’ve been fascinated by in the last year

i feel a day in the studio is due; i haven’t been able to go in there all week as it’s been so intense and i didn’t want to be tripped up on this new path by the reality of day to day tasks of running a business.

it’s all so shiny and new and revelatory, like someone pulled the plug from the damn; it’s great but blooming confusing.

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