difficult beginnings part 5

to say that life gets in the way is an understatement; i’ve been rather caught up in having to make 120 porcelain christmas decorations for orders, and have had little chance to consider the current path i’m meant to be on.

i’ve been trying to refocus this evening by reading through everything from last week, but already feel slightly distanced from the thought processes i was going through, and i do wonder if this will go anywhere.

it is certainly a lot faster to develop your ideas when their are other like minded people around, but once that support net has gone the pace really slows.

i prefer to make rather than think but i’m struggling with what materials to begin with, and just seem to be writing; i’ve done some quick tree sketches, but i’m used to designing an end result, not just drawing and not knowing the final outcome before i begin. this is becoming a real stumbling block.

maybe i should just get a huge piece of canvas and just go for it!

ha. this could be a highly comical avenue if nothing else!

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