difficult beginnings part 6

found 8 more dead trees today – happy days!

just got to recruit my husband to take me out on the back of his motorbike so i can do countryside paparazzi style photos as none of them where anywhere near places you could park a car!!

will have to practice taking photos through a helmet!

have begun to analyse why i am fascinated with these dead trees; seems to be something to do with the contrast, particularly when we’ve had so much rain and everywhere looks so lush, between the dead beast, often huge old trees, and the way they are totally surrounded by trees and shrubs and fields all in their prime. and the contrast in the colour too, how they look totally washed out, not like trees in the winter with no leaves on, it’s almost like the light of life has literally been drained out, as if they could just be snapped in half by mere hands; so fragile in their end state.

feel the final work should also be on a large scale to further demonstrate the great stature of these mature creatures.

is it just a recent phenomenon, or just soething i hadn’t noticed before the last couple of years; really must investigate why they’re dying like this.

oooooh – wiki says standing dead trees are called “snag” with the ability to stay standing for 100 years – hmmm, interesting.

needs greater investigation as to why….

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