difficult beginnings part 7

really not getting anywhere with this tree idea, still just writing ideas down, like a 3ft knitted entity, or covering the entrance up the stairs at walsall art gallery with a huge tree trunk, or getting people to bring in branches and constructing a tree as the week progresses, but nothing really *FAB*.

nothing that is an idea that hasn’t blatantly been acquired from another person/exhibition/project, which is just the worst situation to be in.

have considered moving on to completely new idea as i went to a very stuffy gallery this evening with my 4 year old who shouted all the way round, which i know is controversial as people clearly don’t like it and can’t be bothered to mask their feelings in that situation, but it’s something that i now love to play with; the idea of being really noisy in a gallery as Jo Public seems to think you should walk around them in “quiet contemplation” so i wear these shows i have with wooden heels and clomp purposefully around. just love the feeling of unsettling the equilibrium; disturbing this inner sanctuary; as if being silent makes you more intelligent. sorry will get off my soapbox now!

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