difficult beginnings part 8

crikey – didn’t appreciate how long it had been since last blog! the ideas are moving forward. initially there were two clear strands; the dead tree diaries and the noise interaction at galleries (specifically around young children) each one was progressing with the dead tree focusing around just the imagery they create in their pure […]

difficult beginnings part 7

really not getting anywhere with this tree idea, still just writing ideas down, like a 3ft knitted entity, or covering the entrance up the stairs at walsall art gallery with a huge tree trunk, or getting people to bring in branches and constructing a tree as the week progresses, but nothing really *FAB*. nothing that […]

difficult beginnings part 6

found 8 more dead trees today – happy days! just got to recruit my husband to take me out on the back of his motorbike so i can do countryside paparazzi style photos as none of them where anywhere near places you could park a car!! will have to practice taking photos through a helmet! […]

difficult beginnings part 5

to say that life gets in the way is an understatement; i’ve been rather caught up in having to make 120 porcelain christmas decorations for orders, and have had little chance to consider the current path i’m meant to be on. i’ve been trying to refocus this evening by reading through everything from last week, […]