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i’ve had to make a decision which i wasn’t really ready to make so i stayed up rather late looking through everything and trying to finalise my ideas. I was pleasantly surprised by the tiny cubes made with the book pages and so they had become a further element. during my last tutorial i had […]

RiP tutorial 15.07.14

…i had a hunch so i created this environment so these are the threads that i see have come from it… – look at their research descriptions my workshop=social practice map process as you go along rather then preempting the final result change of role – work/workshops/studio/researcher – how do they compare natural/artificial socially […]

School workshop observations

comments made by tutors ‘have more photos bullet point alongside different front sheet otherwise that’s what they’re picking can’t follow the instructions but can follow the pictures because they’ll want to be successful they’ll pick something that’s easier finding the instructions that don’t work is more interesting’ art is about trial and error comments made […]