School workshop observations

comments made by tutors

  • ‘have more photos
  • bullet point alongside
  • different front sheet otherwise that’s what they’re picking
  • can’t follow the instructions but can follow the pictures
  • because they’ll want to be successful they’ll pick something that’s easier
  • finding the instructions that don’t work is more interesting’
  • art is about trial and error

comments made by students

‘remove simply from the instructions as it isn’t’

can’t stand being messy


my observations

pipe cleaners repeatedly challenges

silk one has been rewritten, works much better

maths sometimes a struggle – either when measuring 10cm or when planning how to cut clay

having noise can either focus or distract

video someone doing it then play it back to show them where they went wrong/stopped following the instructions


confident group but not cocky with it. were willing to partake in the activity even though it was not necessarily a huge challenge to them, but on the flip side the instructions were rarely followed which initially resulted in some mishaps – clay not fitting together, cork didn’t measure 10x10cm precisely – little discipline

incredibly quiet group, intermittent reading of instructions leading more variety in size, constantly comparing theirs to their colleagues


  • cork – no one spots that cork needs to be glued with matching sized ones sitting opposite each other, even though instructions say pick 2 of each (if they had to cut it would that help them understand?)
  • cork – applied superglue before testing out which piece went where
  • clay – does it really need to be angled/scored?
  • leather – need something to hold it together whilst sewing first 2 sides
  • leather – needs to tell you how to stitch
  • art straws – cut straight not angled
  • art straws – have something blocking ends to stop glue running
  • watercolour paper – tucking in difficult as too rigid
  • watercolour paper – can’t use template as on tracing paper which won’t transfer so needs to be measured out
  • tracing paper – very clear
  • tracing paper – tucking in difficult as too flimsy
  • tracing paper – double sided better than glue
  • pipe cleaners – needs measurement correcting
  • pipe cleaners – should’ve used a ruler
  • pipe cleaners – didn’t look at size stated just did length of pipe cleaners so ended up far too flimsy
  • wire mesh – need to draw it out onto mesh
  • wire mesh – make lines drawn different colours for fold and cut
  • wire mesh – needs template without tabs
  • wire mesh – does it need to say do all folds before assembling?
  • wire mesh – sharp edges



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