what i need to do …

possibly these can be applied to both my art practice and my teaching   become the umbrella for the region to make the different phases interact become the connector of FE to primary become a school governor think bigger think bolder take risks do a whole day led by me for staff development initiate weekly […]

grass roots symposium

in august last year i exhibited my work. at the time i had such an overwhelming response that i wanted to just absorb the amazing feelings it gave me. sadly, life took over and i forgot to record how i felt at that time. so i vowed not to let this happen again. today i […]

ever so slightly stuck

i’m stuck in this weird limbo land whereby i think i know what i want to do for my final show, but i don’t have the studio space to create it. i’ll have to wait until i can access the studio for the show, but i run the risk of it not working, again. it […]