ever so slightly stuck

i’m stuck in this weird limbo land whereby i think i know what i want to do for my final show, but i don’t have the studio space to create it. i’ll have to wait until i can access the studio for the show, but i run the risk of it not working, again. it seems like such a waste to not use my time now to get this made. i can plan and plan but for what end?

i have a tutorial in a couple of weeks with a visiting artist but i’m not convinced it will achieve much as i’m pretty set on what i want to achieve.

It needs to have the social interaction/practice. it needs to reflect the cube in some way. it needs to represent a classroom in some way.

i’m happy to just carry on working through my sketchbook but i doubt that will result in any major change. maybe a maquette is the way forward.

i guess there is still some narrowing down of idea and resolution of what materials to work with that needs sorting.

i need to carry on thinking i guess.

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