critical evaluation

Overall, the main ideas began with the thought of how a space can make you feel after I upsized my shed from a 6x8ft to a 14x10ft. I had found my little shed increasingly stifling in terms of creative flow, and so took on a series of extra projects in order to buy a new […]

installation (day three)

apart from being delayed by silly printers not wanting to play ball today went pretty well. i didn’t manage to get up to margaret street until after lunch, but really all i had to do was add last few cubes and double check i was happy with the order. after the disaster of the plaster […]

installation (day two pt 2)

later on in the day i was joined by the work of mel moore as she decided her work was too cramped, and i have to agree it definitely works better not tucked up into a corner. i know mel’s work quite well but really feel there is a connection just simply by the fact […]

installation (day two pt1)

I was up quite late tweaking away at little bits so my plan to get up super early and get to the glass shop before going into margaret street didn’t quite happen! however, I decided to just get the more fragile ones in as I knew this was going to be equally stressful due to […]