installation (day three)

apart from being delayed by silly printers not wanting to play ball today went pretty well. i didn’t manage to get up to margaret street until after lunch, but really all i had to do was add last few cubes and double check i was happy with the order. after the disaster of the plaster yesterday i spent the evening creating a few more versions, one being the unplanned old book pages. this resulted in there now being 29 possibilities, which i didn’t realise until i put them all out at margaret street. now i’m a sucker for symmetry, and as i had planned to only have 28, simply as a realistic target, no alterior motive or great meaning, this completely threw me, and so i spent a good deal of time simply sitting in the studio being indecisive. i asked for opinions but they all said leave it at 29, but eventually i took out the bent rod one and i instantly felt better. up until that point i was unable to even leave the room, but all of a sudden, once the gap had been filled by shuffling all the others along, i felt a sense of resolve and was soon able to leave all my bits and go home. the bent rod one has not even been included as a version on this blog as the quality of it is too poor, which is one of the reasons for the exclusion. but it also had no connection, the method used was unique, the effect did not connect to any of the other materials, and the overall look made it stick out. yes it could be argued that by having one that was so strongly different to the others it meant that their group qualities were highlighted, but to me it seemed to just detract from the others not enhance them. so it’s been left out. it almost nullified their strength as a cohesive piece of work, and so that is why it was excluded.

final order

granite>copper sheet>solid wood>hahnemule paper>tracing paper>wire mesh>old pages>sponge>cardboard>cork>straws>mountcard>aluminium sheet>acetate>MDF>glass sheet>skewers>pipe cleaners>perspex>chipboard>veneer>silk>picture frame>knitted>ceramic>leather>crochet>beeswax

the very simple and only reason for this is it goes from ease to make to difficulty to make.

p.s. i love the way they seem to carry on and seemingly disappear out of the door; endless possibilities



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