site specific work

i’ve decided to try to bring another element into my work; taking the basis of the 6 sides of a cube i have decided to focus on 6 places that have great meaning for me. i grew up in blackheath, and spent many a sunday walking through greenwich park. my grandparents lived in rock, overlooking […]


A creator who isn’t seized by the throat by a set of impossibilities is no creator. A creator is someone who creates his own impossibilities, and thereby creates pos-sibilities. It’s by banging your head against the wall that you find an answer. (Deleuze 1992)

cubes (again)

i’ve have now become completely and utterly obsessed with cubes – will work through making them in variety of materials. both with plain sides and embossed/carved sides of cube based patterns.  had a distraction over christmas seeing all the family. decided to only take square photos from here on, to further development of cube based […]


i have moved on from the square, circle, triangle combination and have begun to concentrate on just cubes. Taking the idea of a hand built ceramic cube, approximately 20cm sq, which would signify the “space” and then could be either filled haphazardly or neatly laid out like a room, with dolls house furniture, either that […]

to learn…

to learn creatively is to actively draw lessons from the culture that’s around us. it is to be critically aware of the stories that are being told in the arts and in the media. it is also to be self-directed in what we learn – not to be told what we think or do, but […]

a little history…

i am a designer maker, with a fledgling ceramic jewellery business, who is 3 months into an MA in Arts Practice and Education. Whilst i thoroughly enjoy my business, I’m not great at self promotion and so there’s never been a blog before which included this, although there have been a couple just as an […]