site specific work

i’ve decided to try to bring another element into my work; taking the basis of the 6 sides of a cube i have decided to focus on 6 places that have great meaning for me.

i grew up in blackheath, and spent many a sunday walking through greenwich park. my grandparents lived in rock, overlooking clee and we holidayed with them in moelfre, anglesey. time with my dad when i was younger centred around hastings, where my dad now lives. and now i have abbey fields on my doorstep.

i managed to find numerous pictures in mine and my mums photos of clee, moelfre, blackheath, greenwich and hastings so I am working with them at the moment. simply photocopying them to blow them up huge, or shrink down. both work well. with the really large ones i’ll make a simple paper cube, and with the tiny ones i’ve done a folded book which is based on squares and folds up to make a cube.

ideally i would like to make a ceramic cube with images on all 6 sides, but still working on the firing of this.

referring back to the cubes; certainly would like to try them on different materials such as wood, plaster, resin, glass, and fabric.

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