arty group

i have a little group that was set up as a result of the ATS that meets about once a month. set up to make sure we all keep on making and drawing and crafting and playing, in theory to maybe do an independent exhibition together in the future (although we seem to always avoid talking about that bit!). there’s only 5 of us, and we had our first get together of the year on saturday, which was lovely. janine had being playing with layers again, which looked gorgeous. alison had just been working on more of a diary so words and drawings all mixed together. mel had been working with grids from maps and making them more 3 dimensional into little beacons – which we all liked. but we all felt she was getting wrapped up in the lights she wanted to use within them, and so there was a little bit of a pep talk from us all to not get caught up in the technicalities as they seemed to be blocking the creative side.

I showed my sketchbook, mainly skimming over how i had moved on from last time, and more showing the photos of meaningful places i had collected together. they were well received, but i was surprised to hear how alison felt they were very lonely images, with janine and mel agreeing. hadn’t really considered that as an element, although i did spend a lot of my teenage years on my own. the images for me are looking out from specific places i lived or loved. not sure if this will become a key element in where i go next with this, as i still need to resolve the cubes i intend to do, but interesting none the less.

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