installation (day two pt1)

I was up quite late tweaking away at little bits so my plan to get up super early and get to the glass shop before going into margaret street didn’t quite happen! however, I decided to just get the more fragile ones in as I knew this was going to be equally stressful due to having to use public transport and having to walk through the streets of brUm without squashing them or being bumped by a stranger.

I made it with only the tracing paper one a little squished but this was easily popped back into shape although it then has little creases in which is a shame. I laid out all the new ones onto the roll of paper and then began the task of putting them in the order I have already decided in my sketchbook, which is based on which was the easiest to make up to which was the hardest. however, as I was doing this I changed my mind. I had made that list over a week ago before all the cubes were finished so it shows my naivety if nothing else. eventually the order was resolved, although there are still a couple more to add which I couldn’t fit into the bag so it may need to be tweaked again tomorrow.

[original order copper sheet>hahnemule>tracing paper>acetate>wire mesh>bent rod>skewers>straws>sponge>pipe cleaners>candle sheet>MDF>aluminium sheet>veneer>leather>silk>crochet>knitted>perspex>glass sheet>ceramic]

{new order granite>copper sheet>solid wood>hahnemule>tracing paper>wire mesh>bent rod>straws>sponge>cardboard>cork>mountcard>aluminium sheet>MDF>skewers>pipe cleaners>perspex>chipboard>veneer>silk>picture frame>knitted>ceramic>leather>crochet>candle sheet}

as a group they are really coming together; I love the way they line up all prim and proper. the roll of paper was just a whim originally to try to keep the cubes clean but has come into it’s own now and works particularly with the end all rolled up as this implies that there is more cubes to come.

by complete chance someone had propped the door open to take their work out of the studio to another space to set up, and I really like this feeling that the cubes could just carry on going and going.

I pulled the roll of paper away from the wall more as when I set up yesterday I was conscious that people may walk into them and so had this quite far back, but it works better just that bit further out. the cubes are evenly spaced as I want them to be regarded equally with no one in particular standing out.

 IMG_3396 IMG_3397 IMG_3398 IMG_3399 IMG_3400 IMG_3401





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