installation (day one)

with the deadline now in 4 days for this module we finally had the chance to go in to margaret street and set up. bearing in mind that its just been the easter wknd, and the week prior to that the studios were closed, and the week before that the workshops closed, plus the full time students have to hand in their research this week too, it didm;t get off to a great start. us part timers are in the full timers studios, whilst they are setting up all over margaret street in what should be more of an exhibition style approach. therefore we have to wait for them to clear out. i know they’ve had weeks of notice for this date, and have even had conversations with them about how it was going to work, they still had not even begun to clear out. the studios are working studios so there is stuff everywhere naturally, but it still go on my nerves. we’re part time in the main part because we have jobs, so imagine if this was our only day to set up? what would have happened then? it did annoy me, and i wasn’t surprised, but still ggggrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

this then set the day off for being a frustrating one, and the final tweaks i wanted to make have all turned into a bit of a disaster, so i now need still more making time, when really i would rather have stopped by now. yes i cannot blame that on other people as it is only me that is responsible for my work, but none the less, today was a very, very frustrating day, and i would rather not be writing my critical evaluation whilst i’m in this frame of mind, but time ticks on, and waits for no (woman artist)man.


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