installation (day one)

with the deadline now in 4 days for this module we finally had the chance to go in to margaret street and set up. bearing in mind that its just been the easter wknd, and the week prior to that the studios were closed, and the week before that the workshops closed, plus the full […]

reminiscing about ronchamp

i’ve been a worshipper of le corbusier for years and when we went on holiday with our german friends to france to meet our french friends for a week away they offered to take me to see ronchamp, which was utterly amazing; once in a lifetime memories as far as i’m concerned. anyway what with […]

thoughts on where next

whilst i’m working my way through all the different cubes it’s hard not to think of where i want to take this next. certainly the ones with intrinsic surface decoration are very interesting such as the beeswax, clay, wood block, granite and crochet and its whether its a case of just working with those as […]