thoughts on where next

whilst i’m working my way through all the different cubes it’s hard not to think of where i want to take this next. certainly the ones with intrinsic surface decoration are very interesting such as the beeswax, clay, wood block, granite and crochet and its whether its a case of just working with those as a smaller group. equally drawing, making illustrations of those surfaces to create prints or illustrations from is also very appealing. 

the materials that can be used on themselves to hold themselves together is very interesting; i’d prefer to be able to get away from all of this glueing which i don’t really have the patience for and so then make a mess of. having said that trying to glue some of them together has been quite a challenge and so does need improving as far as my actual skill levels go. but in the end its not what i am interested at looking at.

there are definitely links i would like to make with other artists work such as ronchamp, judd, lewitt and tudela, plus some of the things i’ve gathered on my pininterest boards. 

maybe a series of ceramic cubes that try to replicate the surface qualities of the other materials would be good. 

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