RiP tutorial 15.07.14

…i had a hunch so i created this environment so these are the threads that i see have come from it… – look at their research descriptions

my workshop=social practice

map process as you go along rather then preempting the final result

change of role – work/workshops/studio/researcher – how do they compare natural/artificial

socially engaged practice – cubes – recreate how is that different compared to presented in exhibit? is one more meaningful to me?

clues to pick up cube – how do people know

the workshop was a work of art

take from experience – how do i think about what the audience feels

the art object is pedagogical

am i interested in them picking up the cube or making them think – which one do i prefer?

mapping – what came out of workshops, how relate to previous thinking?

what is difference between a workshop and a lesson?

think about net of a cube for presenting research

possible chapter:

social practice

the cube in art

materials processes


pedagogical issues


issue – of to what extent is my practice pedagogical?

what is it that people are taking away or what are they leaving me?

start playing with format

and reflect on last year

find a narrative that is developing


start mapping my thoughts in regards to RiP/artists & cubes/my practice

look at pedagogical and school of

research social art practice

write up what i thought would happen in workshops and what did…threads

write about enjoyment of people interacting with my cube/doing workshop

reflect on the last year – present

start typing up research notes

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