AP2 artist statement

So where do you start, when you truly have a blank canvas? You revert to the old favourites, the familiar, the reassuring. I began to manipulate as many different materials as possible, trying to find the sweet spot, where those rigid ones are still malleable, but the delicate ones are robust, working in the simple form of a cube.


But why a cube?


The cube to me means









Solid (arity)




Reflects its inner core

Pure – space in its purest form

A container, a vessel with infinite possibilities for hopes, dreams and aspirations.


So come and sit inside my little cube and make your own paper version. Did I leave you enough space?


The cube ‘studio’ gives you the instant feeling I feel when I walk into my studio. A physical reaction to the space, a six sided, hard cornered, over simplified space. I cannot bring you all to my studio, or to those places that hit me instantly, but I will create for you an inner sanctum. Step in, escape, and find what it is you are looking for. Follow the instructions, ignore the instructions, ignore everyone around you, this is your studio now.


Finished? Now take it apart. Not your lovely little paper cube, that’s yours to keep. The big cube – take it apart. Make a real connection with the artwork. Walk away from the deconstructed cube and down your own path of artistic discovery. Art is integral to who we are as a human being. Whilst we may not be an “artist” we all need the skills that art provides us with, to feed the parts of the brain that cannot be developed in any other way other than by being creative. To have a fuller life experience overall; that is what art gives to us.


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