deconstruction and reconstruction of a cube

for deconstruction and reconstruction of the ‘cube’ you will need two people. you may be super strong but it’s the cube that needs support.


each person inserts fingers into corner holes on lid. when ready lift the top off together and place flat on the floor out of the way. with a person standing with their back to the main door, and the other one on the opposite side of the cube you can now open the doors. you are now able to get inside the cube to make your paper cubes. once you have finished making your cubes step back outside and close the doors. to completely lay the cube flat the two people will simultaneously need to open the doors 90degrees so they are in a straight line with the desk panel. then, while supporting a door each and half of the desk panel, slowly lower all three boards to the floor. once this is flat return to the one remaining upright side, unbolt it from the seat and slowly lower to the floor. you can now place the lid panel flat on the floor directly next to the seat back panel to complete the cube net layout.


each person will need to stand at the top corners of the top of the T. gently lift the door panels slightly off the floor to gain leverage. now simultaneously lift the door panels and desk panel in one flat piece. watch the doors don’t fold back on the hinges; support them at all times. once upright, each person can then slowly walk in their respective door. at the final moment lift the panels up a fraction so that they sit on top of the base board. now both people are able to let go of their door they can then help each other to lift the back seat panel up too. by opening the door nearest the main entrance to the room, just slightly, you will be able to reach in and secure this panel by inserting its bolt into the top of the seat. once the door is then returned to its correct position you are able to then lift the lid on together and line it up to complete the cube.

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