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today my first kiln left my studio to go to it’s new home. i quickly took some photos to remember it’s smallness, and how i ‘acquired’ it thanks to the help of my dear friend Bob, who died four days ago. as i looked at it properly, rather than functionally, i realised how maybe it’s tiny chamber was a further influence on my questioning of how much space we need. maybe. it was hard to see it go so near after Bob’s death, but I know he would want me to expand and grow as a potter. my only regret is that he never saw my studio; somehow we never got around to arranging it. i will never be able to go to a reclamation yard again without thinking of him, as i made a promise that as soon as he was better i was going to take him to loads of different ones and we would spend all the money we don’t have. i can only aspire to be as knowledgable as Bob was with all things ceramic, but i will try, and keep trying as if nothing else i can easily remember his smile he would give me when i did silly mistakes. 

to bob, a fantastic potter, a great friend, and a brilliant accomplice 

IMG_4504 IMG_4505

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