i need to decide what it is i am trying to state with my practical work, i’m clear on where the research is going, but still finding it hard to summarise the practice. 

the cubes are continuing, and whilst i am not quite hitting my personal target of one a day, i’m still hopeful i will get all 30 done by the deadline. i have 8 now i think (tracing paper, knitted, cardboard, granite, copper, wire mesh and ??), with a stack of materials waiting to make others. 

the order has become clearer in my head, although i think that is something that will have to be personal for me as no one i asked agreed in any way. 

the cubes came from the bauhaus ideas researched back in histories module. and i was searching for something involving getting my hands dirty. but i was not willing to be selective with the materials, particularly as my business practice is so specialist. i’m enjoying the challenge of working with the different materials but is that enough?

the cubes are all 10cm in an aim to find the “sweet spot” where something that is manageable whatever the materials is but still retains it’s inherent strength, which seems to be working effectively. some are fiddly but not unrealistic to achieve. there needs to be a certain amount of challenge even with the most basic, as not everyones basic is the same. 

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