RA Summer Exhibition

Cathy de Monchaux – REFUGE Bill Jacklin RA – SHOOTING STAR Tal R – HOUSE 44 Kate MccGwire – SQUALL Anselm Kiefer Hon RA – GEHÄUTETE LANDSCHAFT John Carter RA – SLIP LINE: RED, YELLOW, WHITE I Nigel Hall RA – SQUARE DANCE Richard Forster – INCOMING SEAS’ EDGE Thomas Joshua Cooper – LOOKING TOWARDS SCOTLAND Jemma Appleby – #1270816  

Cedric Morris: Garden Museum

  Poppies 1926 Passage du Jardin 1931 The Blue Poppy 1932 Easter Bouquet 1934 The Serpentine Pot 1938 Vase of Flowers 1936 The Black Tulip 1930s Flowers in a Vase 1930s & 1971 May Flowering Irises no 2 1935 Benton End 1947 Wartime Garden 1944 Pool at Benton End 1947 The Corduroy Trousers 1961 Still […]

Things of Beauty Growing – British Studio pottery: The Fitzwilliam Museum

An exceptional exhibition celebrating all ceramic forms, with a plethora of ceramic artists you should know, and will love. Sadly unable to take photos so excuse the google images. Official press release is detailed and comprehensive: Click to access TBG%20Press%20Release.pdf Richard Batterham – bowl 1984 Alison Britton – Outpoor 2012 Charles Vyse & Nell Vyse […]