i have decided to try out some of the techniques the students at the bauhaus were taught, and whether they would improve my drawing skills. This began as a mini obsession with square, circle, triangle which also harks back to Froebel’s gifts.


For my essay for MA i would like to look at both Froebel and the Bauhaus, but it’s thinking of a justifiable link. So after drawing a page of repeat pattern of square, circle, triangle i then moved onto straight lines across a page which get lighter and darker. Bauhaus students did this on a massive scale with their paper pinned to the wall, but i didn’t finish one page as it hurt my wrist! next was drawing a perfect circle free hand; not too bad, but nowhere near Bauhaus standards.


Finally decided on

“Does the framework of Froebel’s system, which stemmed from his vision of unity, have any direct effect on the ideas of unity for Gropius, thereby predetermining his framework?”

better get back to reading…

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