i had my first tutorial with my new tutor (Steve Bulcock) which went very well. he also has a design background, so it was greta to run my ideas past a designer and get their input. i summed it up as an amalgamation of my obsession with cubes, and experimentation with materials and bringing in these views that mean so much to me. in my sketchbook i have a series of the same set of images of these views and i’ve been playing with scale on them. I had realised that the cubes would gradually get bigger, and felt that there needed to be some scaling up involved, which steve agreed with, otherwise you loose possible connections with them. steve also pointed out that if i used the same 6 images on every cube whether i display them with the same image in line or images randomly turned will have another effect. thinking about this afterwards i also realised i hadn’t envisioned them all having images on, so now there becomes 3 possibilities just to do with how they are placed and with the placement of the images.

secondly, he pointed out that there needs to be a correlation with the space they’re in. I hadn’t yet properly considered the context of the piece (although this can be linked back to the original cube ideas where they would be vessels of tidy/messy contents) but there could be a direct relation where the volume of the cube represents the scaled down volume of the room , or volume of the remaining space. whether the space is empty or full of items also needs considering. i really liked steve’s idea that the cubes could be placed in the centre of the room, but there would be appropriately sized voids that they would fit in (would people be made to notice this in an obvious way or subtle? would people want to pick them up and how would i feel about this?). the voids could be literally empty boxes or could be more subtle such as a gap in a row of books on a bookcase.

it was good to find out that i don’t have to display the pieces in the space the uni determines, which works for me as then i can find out volume of the space without having to wait to see what i get (although where that space could be is still baffling me!!).

so the main thing now is to get on with working on scales, making the various cubes, thinking of space/context and considering which if any images to add and how they are placed.

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