wax casting

after a conversation with a fellow MA’er I have finally had the chance to learn wax casting, which I myself am surprised I’ve never done before. was quite simple as long as you have the right equipment. the results are quite pleasing, but the hassle of making a decent mold which doesn’t cause air bubbles […]

day trip

absolutely brilliant day (despite a landslide trying it’s best to outwit us!) in london town on a college trip. went to royal academy show “sensing spaces:reimagining architecture” – couldn’t have been a more perfect exhibition to go and see for what i’m currently looking at. show blurb “Visitors to Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined will experience […]


i had my first tutorial with my new tutor (Steve Bulcock) which went very well. he also has a design background, so it was greta to run my ideas past a designer and get their input. i summed it up as an amalgamation of my obsession with cubes, and experimentation with materials and bringing in […]