it appears there is a fine line between something being complicated and something being impossible. at the moment i flitter between this juxtaposition on an almost hourly basis. every time i feel i’ve resolved an issue, when i then test it out it either leads to another problem or fails altogether.  the main problem is not the scale, or the choice of material necessarily, but the method of getting each aspect to perform easily, safely and sensibly whilst working alongside all the other elements. i can easily lay out a net of a cube on the floor, with all the component parts in their correct positions and with all the added extras i intend to include. equally, i can make a solid cube, even with opening sides and a lid that is hinged, still including all the added extras. but to design a cube that does both seems unintelligible at times. 

after going through various hinges (approx 980 to be precise) i have narrowed it down to one, which i think is the only variant which may work. how neat a job it does and how strong and safe it is are all factors within the design. 

i think it is constructible without having to do mitred edges, or dovetail joints, and whilst i would prefer to add another material, to have it all made out of wood, is beyond my talent. well no actually, it’s not, but it’s not a skill i could refine enough to a quality i would be happy to display for this module. however, whilst it may be lovely to dream of doing a carpentry course, or having the disposable income to pay someone to make the wooden hinges, it’s still not an option, and also i’m not interested in someone else doing the work for me. in theory my skill level should be enough for the MA as it stands, it’s the level of idea that makes it masters level. 

this cube needs to be functional, with all the design integrity it is trying to encompass, but equally it needs to be inviting, enticing and curiosity inducing.

i struggle with this as i feel myself getting wrapped up in the details and forgetting to ensure my design encapsulates the message i am trying to portray. at the end of the day i want people to use the space the cube creates to connect with the cube itself by making cubes within it and feeling a direct correlation to the shape. 

i will feel better once the process of making has begun; once the parts come together in either peace or animosity, either way, i need to see this in person as the judgements i make now are only speculation. 

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