paper models



after in depth consideration, flitting back from one to the other, the design above is what will be put into action as i believe once the design is translated into wood their would be too much weight on the front corners when the doors are being opened. therefore the best way to place the roof is behind the seat not in front of the desk. still unsure what will happen to the roof as i suspect the hinges will not bend 360degrees and so then we get into having to have some kind of poles to support the weight of the roof. these could be highly unsightly, and i would prefer them to be hidden inside when the cube is completely folded up. if the cube is completely folded there should be no hint of what is to come inside until it is open. these in turn also excludes having a sun roof option as the hinges for that would also be visible on the outside. with the hines i have bought you will only see them once the cube doors open or the roof is lifted. i could possibly have the roof as a entirely separate piece which is lifted on at the end but ideally i would prefer it connected; it’ll al be decided by whether the roof needs its own support.



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