whilst there may be no obvious direct influence of gardens in my work I find them intrinsic in the way that they inspire and motivate me. If I can’t focus, or get a fuzzy head from focussing too much, then it is my garden I turn to. for drawing in my sketchbook it is more often than not from nature, rather than the human figure, I work. maybe it is a simple human need that helps to ground me, to be in nature, but there seems to be a direct correlation between my shed, and the garden it sits in. so I look to other gardens to inspire my own, just as I look to artists and exhibitions for my artwork. this summer a trip to hidcote and kiftsgate were the main excursion. whilst the garden rooms were the delight of hidcote, it was kiftsgate that won my heart. 

and of course there’s always a good shed to admire ……

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