40 exhibitions in a year: exhibition twenty six • Raphael drawings at the Ashmoleon


studies of the virgin and child, and of a boy c1505


a seated mother embracing her child c1512


Hercules overpowering the nemean lion


study for the massacre of the innocents c1509


studies for the madonna of the meadow c1505


self portrait


Head of An Apostle in the Transfiguration c1519-20


the virgin with the pomegranate c1504

raphael-2 male-nudes

two male nude figures c 1506-7


study inspired by Michealangelos David c1504-5


studies of a figure holding a scroll and a raised arm c1511


leda and the swan c1507

three poets

studies for the heads of three poets for the parnassus c1510-11


the heads and the hands of two apostles in the Transfiguration c1519-20

other notable pieces:

studies of two musical figures c 1503

sheet of studies c1504

studies for the virgin and child with a book c1503-4

allegorical figure of poetry c1510

sheet of figural and architectural studies c1513

study for the lower left part of the disputa c1508-10

study for God appearing to Moses in the burning bush c1513-14

studies of two women and a child c1513-14

studies for a group in the school of athens c1508-10

combat of five men c1508-10

study for a seated sibyl c1511

study for an elderly sibyl c1511

studies for the madonna of francis I c1518

All images from Google

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