40 exhibitions in a year: exhibition thirty one • Cass Sculpture Foundation

Wang Yuyang Identity 2016

Douglas White Icarus Palm 2005

David Brooks Sketch of a Blue Whale 2012

Thomas Heatherwick Pavilion 1993

Peter Hide Plainsong 2000

Peter Burke Host 1996

John Davies Head 1996

Stephen Cox Lingam of a Thousand Lingams 2005

Song Ta Why do they never take colour photos? 2016

Sarah Barker warp- and weft- 2015

Danny Lane Stairway 2005

Keir Smith Stefano 1996

Stephen Cox Grand Peregrine 2009

Steven Gregory One of US On a Tricycle 1999

Rodney Bender The Return 2012


Philip King Sun’s Roots II 2008


Jon Isherwood Passages and Circumstances 1997


Jon Isherwood Singer of Tales 2010


Rob Ward Gate 2008


Wang Wei Panorama 2, 2016


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