40 exhibitions in a year: exhibition thirty two • Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception at Compton Verney


La Luzerne, Saint-Denis, Georges Seurat 1885

coastal scene

Coastal Scene Theo Van Rysselberghe 1892

morning walk

The Morning Walk Georges Seurat 1885

day and night

Day and Night MC Escher 1938


Three Worlds MC Escher 1955


To Monte Alban Josef Albers 1942


Interim Josef Albers 1942

monte alban

Shrine Josef Albers 1942


Seclusion Josef Albers 1942

introitus JA

Introitus Josef Albers 1942

Untitled Abstraction V c.1945 by Josef Albers 1888-1976

Untitled Abstraction V Josef Albers 1945

blaze iv

Blaze IV Bridget Riley 1963

Fall 1963 by Bridget Riley born 1931

Bridget Riley

over BR

Over Bridget Riley


Zebra Victor Vasarely 1938-1969

taimyr VV

Taimyr Victor Vasarely 1958

homage square JA

Homage to the Square R-NW IV Josef Albers 1966

Sedgley, Peter, b.1930; Colour Cycle II

Corona Peter Sedgley 1970

Martin, Kenneth, 1905-1984; Endless Configuration

Endless Configuration Kenneth Martin 1964


La Longue Marche Julio Le Parc 1976


Clear Road Noan Liliane Lijns 2008

Riley, Bridget, b.1931; Song of Orpheus IV

Song of Orpheous IV Bridget Riley 1978

BUREN light square

A square of electric light Daniel Buren 2011





SM the same red

Sara Moorhouse – The Same Red, Pulse Series, Equilume, Undulation

Shapiro, Babe, b.1937; Swallow the Call Note

Swallow the Cell Note Babe Shapiro 1973


After Rajasthan Bridget Riley 2013

trail Bridget-Riley

Trail Bridget Riley 2009


Photos were not allowed and so images sourced from Google search

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