Cedric Morris: Garden Museum


Poppies 1926

Passage du Jardin 1931

The Blue Poppy 1932

Easter Bouquet 1934

The Serpentine Pot 1938

Vase of Flowers 1936

The Black Tulip 1930s

Flowers in a Vase 1930s & 1971

May Flowering Irises no 2 1935

Benton End 1947

Wartime Garden 1944

Pool at Benton End 1947

The Corduroy Trousers 1961

Still Life 1963



Kathleen Hale, Cedrics Garden 1950s

Harry Hepworth Allen, Preparing the Ground 1920

Dodd, Francis, 1874-1949; Gardens at Hammersmith Allotments

Francis Dodd, Gardens at Hammersmith Allotments 1929

Richard Bawden, In the Garden 2003


Henry Hoyland, In the Garden 1930

Guy Liscombe, A Garden in Summer 1930

Window Plants 1945 by John Nash 1893-1977

John Nash, Woman with window plants 1945

David Thomas Rose, In the Greenhouse 1930

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