who are we to decide our lives are hard? did you fight a war, do you have cancer, has dementia conquered your mind? at what point did we become lazy & ungrateful, to not remember how lucky we are. we are here, alive, living it, no matter how infuriating, annoying, tiresome it may be, where would you rather be? without those that love and define you? without those experiences which make life worth living? we can all moan, that is human nature, we excel at it, but does it give you any joy, even an ounce of the uplifting millisecond of watching a sunrise, or a bird fly? why obscure those moments that make life worth living by being absorbed into all the negative stuff around us. i’d give anything to see my father smile, to make my mother feel loved, to give the two most precious ones i have; my husband and daughter; everything they could ever wish for. not for money, or reward, but for that feeling inside. the one you try so hard to not let slip away in those moments it is there. no one can buy it or find it willingly, or know when it might come; it is not tangible. we know the reality; that for the most part we grind and sweat through our everyday chores, but they are nothing, they hold no value, they are not the stuff of memories. so why let every part of your body seek to avoid it, by moaning, not realising life is passing you by. of course it is hard. if it were easy you would never find the joy, the ecstasy. everything would be so bland, so functional, so robotic. we do not live for that. we live to escape, be absorbed into, taken over by a different definition of living. you can not bottle it, and why would you, for that involves a formula that can be repeated, and we all know what repetitive tasks feel like. there is no joy in them. we may perform them well, and be the best of the best at them, but is there not so much more? it would be crazy to bottle it, because then there would be a price for it, whereas now it is anyone’s path, potential, passage; it may not happen as much as we like, but who cares, because once it does we can take it anywhere, recall it anytime, rise above the monotony, the moaning, have that feeling inside. but not too often, for that only weakens it. as long as its deep inside you, and comes when you seek it, or even when you don’t realise you need it, then we will survive, we will live a life. a life full of richness and humour and intensity, that wipes out all the dull and boring and hurtful. but do you keep it to yourself? you cannot force your moments on someone else; they are only your memories, your realisations, your treasures seen through your eyes. there may be people there with you, but they have their own path they have walked, their own experiences, which then define their moments. you do not need to share, everyone has their own, this may be few and far between, but they will have them, they will fall upon them, just as long as the moaning doesn’t hide them from view, because to miss out on those moments would be a tragedy far worse than any tests life may throw at you.

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