40 exhibitions in a year: gallery exhibition four  • Degas to Picasso – Creating Modernism in France

Excellent, intricate exhibition at The Ashmoleon in Oxford. Great thread running through showing how smoother lines with more fluidity slowly crept in to art practices as they began to step away from the very precise in the traditional style of painting, right up to the Modernist style we all know so well.

Sadly, whilst the exhibition is incredibly well supported, the images are simply not available online so only a few to share here.


Marcel Gromaire, The Town of Aubusson, painting in exhibition was for this tapestry


Georges Braque ‘Fox’ 1911


Paul Cezanne ‘The Bathers’ 1896


Fernand Leger ‘Contrasts of Form’ 1913


Manet ‘Berthe Morisot’


Fernand Leger ‘Mother and Child’ 1949


Claude-Oscar Monet Sailing boat beached on the shore Saint-Adresse 1864

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