40 exhibitions in a year: exhibition twenty eight • Hepworth Art Gallery

Henry Moore: Reclining figure (elmwood) 1936

Barbara Hepworth: Two forms with white 1963

Ben Nicholson: White relief 1935

Alan Davie: Cross for the White Birds 1965

Matthew Derbyshire: Untitled: Shelves no 4 2013

Naum Gabo: Construction in Space with Rose Marble 1969

Howard Hodgkin: Mrs Sheth on the Terrace 1970-2

Howard Hodgkin: Mrs Acton in Delhi 1967-71

Howard Hodgkin: Bombay Sunset 1972-3

Howard Hodgkin: Tea with Mrs Parikh 1974-77

Howard Hodgkin: From the House of Bhutan Khakhar 1975-76

Howard Hodgkin: In a hotel garden 1974

Howard Hodgkin: In the studio of Jamini Roy 1976-79

Howard Hodgkin: In the garden of the Bombay Museum 1978-82

Eileen Agar: Adams Apple 1949

E.Q. Nicholson: Still life with sugar basin 1943

John Minton: 87 Florent, Corsica 1947

Paul S.Sharp: 3am at Euston Station 1945, Golgotha Truleigh Hill 1946, View from T1 1946, Snow breaks 1945

John Piper: Stone wall, Anglesey 1949

John Piper: Glaslyn and Crib Goch 1950

Henry Moore: Four grey slippers 1941

Henry Moore: Tube shelter perspective 1941

Henry Moore: Figure in a shelter 1941

Leslie Cole: W.A.A.Fs working inside a balloon 1941

Evelyn Gibbs: Eliza and Dinah working hand presses at Raleigh works 1943

Edward Bawden: Native Market, Asmere

Edward Bawden: Saddlers

John Piper: Cascade Through the tunnel, Haford, 1939

Graham Sutherland: Devastation 1941: The City, Fallen liftshaft III 1941

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth: Winged figure 1961-2

Barbara Hepworth: Spring 1966

Barbara Hepworth: Maquette, Three forms in Echelsor 1961

Barbara Hepworth: Two forms (Orkney) 1967

Barbara Hepworth: Three Oblique Forms (Feb) 1967

Barbara Hepworth: Three Hemispheres 1967

Barbara Hepworth: Three forms (Tokio) 1967


Pierced form (Amulet) 1962

Involute 1 1946

Maquette for monolith 1963


Maquette for Dual form 1965-6

Trophy (Flight) 1965


Figure for Landscape 1960


Six forms (2×3) 1968


Maquette, Conversation with Magic Stones 1973


Maquette, Theme & Variations 1970 (Cheltenham)


Drawing for sculpture – Santorin, 1955


Proof for ‘Landscape Sculpture’ Ascher scarf 1947


Forms (Brown, Grey and White) 1941


Two forms 1937


Pierced Hemisphere 1937


Henry Moore Lithographs:

Moonlit Blackness 1973

Sentinel 1973

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