40 exhibitions in a year: exhibition twenty nine • York Art Gallery & Centre of Ceramic Art

General collection

Loretta Braganza – Twelve Apostles 2015

Gustave Loiseau – Port de Goulphar 1900

Wilhemina Barns Graham – Orange Form 1956

Ben Nicholson – Still life: Birdie 1934

William Slate Murray – Action and Inaction 1933

Luigi Pericle – March of Time I 1962

Paul Maitland – Cheyne Walk in the sunshine 1887

Bernard Leach vase 1945, Jim Malone vase 2000

Lowry – Clifford Tower, York 1952

Lesley Hilling – A Patch of Blue 2016, El Barrio 2016

Centre of Ceramic Arts


Picasso Ceramics



flowers and apple 22 jan 1954

Still life with flowers and apple 22 Jan 1956


Four enlaced profiles 1949


Heads of women, Aztec vase 1957


Still life with flowers 29 Mar 1955

picasso goat

Head of a goat 1950

Other notable pieces:

Just with vase, jug 12 Jan 1954

Large vase with heads 1952

Head of a fawn 1956

Face of a man 1956

Standing nudes, gothic pitcher 1948

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